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Here you can download

Draft for power of attorney
Housing rental contract (spa.)
Articles of the Community of Owners (spa.)
Contract of a Civil Company (spa.)

Here you can download
Legal textes

The Spanish Constitution (spa.)
The Spanish Civil Code (spa.)
The Spanish Commercial Code (spa.)
The Articles of the Autonomy of Andalusia (spa.)
The Organic Law 2/1979 about the constitutional court
Modification of the above Law 2/1979
The Organic Law 1/1982, from the 5th of Mai, about the protectiop of Civil Rights, the right to honour, personal and familiar intimacy and his ones own image.
The Organic Law 1/1982, 1.July, about the Judicial Power (spa.)
The Organic Law 1/1992, 21. February, about the Protecion of civil security


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